Inspired By Culture,
Crafted By Artisans

Craft Inspired

Referring to age-old art, techniques and practices in order to redefine them for tomorrow; perhaps, stitching yesterday and tomorrow together for today.

Artisan Made

Artisan community is the true backbone of our brand. We have an in house team of more than 100 artisans. 42 women artisans + 72 men artisans currently working full time. And we indirectly support more than 200 other artisans in various sectors like dyeing,prinintg,weaving,blue pottery, embroidery etc.

Thoughtfully Designed

All our products are designed and manufactured by our in house team. We cater to a vast array of products like apparels, accessories, footwear etc. But one thing which binds our aesthetics is the use of craft techniques but in the most contemporary way. We take immense pride in our unique aesthetics.

High Quality

Adhering to the highest global standards is the core value of our brand. Each and every product before moving out of our factory goes through several rounds of strict quality checks.

Our teams