About Us

 What began as a normal winter day in a small room in the month of October, translated into an idea, a partnership and development of a product. With one sewing machine, the idea spread to the little piece of canvas which has by now grown in a bold and achievable mission.

Showing the craftsmen the meticulously crafted bags did give them the joy and pride to their work. It’s our endeavour to increase the horizon for the various craft techniques which we use. 


 OCTOBER products are rooted in "rugged individualism" with a deep sense of clean form. With our one foot grounded from what makes us – craftsmanship, artisanal expertise, and innovative designs using different textures and colors, we look to tomorrow for working on new creative channels and innovative projects.


A master craftsman takes 16 working hours to finely create a finished October product. We honor the relentless and dedicated efforts by our artisans in each October piece – which stands as the true reflection of our core.


As a team, we are constantly developing on our form and function through seductive bursts of colours and versatile styles. Deriving the essence from the magic of leather craft, October Jaipur has its roots in the rich and diverse culture of Rajasthan.

Inspired by the rich cultural aesthetics of the desert land, Akash Sinha and Rabia Singh, the visionaries behind this label wish to offer their consumers a unique blend of craft and design. Products made from genuine leather and hand-woven fabric are their forte and the label caters to a little something for everyone. October Jaipur offers a plethora of leather companions for travel, wanderlust musings, brunches or jazzed up evenings.

They say the true satisfaction of food comes when it’s well served. 
We believe the true essence of any product lies in its craftsmanship.

Thoughts of a dreamer, skills of an artisan.

Referring to age-old art, techniques and practices in order to redefine them for tomorrow; perhaps, stitching yesterday and tomorrow together for today.